Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally a Made it stall

I've been meaning to create a Made It stall for months but have never gotten around to it. So today i listed a few of the items i had left from billycart markets yesterday. Its exciting, i am interested to see if things sell via a picture, most things I've sold have been sold in the flesh...its interesting to sell something to someone sight unseen so to speak.

You can check out at items here 

Special thank you to those that came and visited the store, also those that purchased some of my wares, you made my day...especially when i got to try some items on your children, feels so great seeing a little one in my creations.  i had a great time meeting the other creators too. 

If you saw something you liked and didn't purchase send me an emai, happy to create a custom order for you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manny the Monster Menace

All week i have been trying new toy designs, pretty felt dolls and shapes but i hated them all, kept putting each new design aside hoping it was just me and when i looked at them again i would love them bop buw...they sucked...Its a lot of effort to end up hating the end result...drawing, drafting the pattern, cutting out, Hand stitching etc...

On Thursday I chatted to my photography teacher and he was like kids like monsters and blobs...I realised I had put monsters on singlets and bibs but never used that picture to make a toy. 

Today i drafted up the pattern and am well pleased with the results. His kinda like my ghosts, which i love making but the whole white/cream colour worries me...these work way better.

Very happy with the end result...Actually now they are reminding me of the Simpson's Aliens...

And why is Manny a Menace...Mr P has been calling me a menace all week...I cant remember what i did to him to get the nick name but I'm sure i deserved it!!

Have a great saturday night

Liz x

Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning from those in the know...

The last couple of days i have been talking to my mummy friends, yesterday i spent a lovely afternoon with an old school friend and her nine month old, i love that my best friends from school are still in my life, i am blessed.  Just chatting with practical mums give the best ideas, CJ and IJ had some great ideas, thanks guys.

Today I took some of my current stock to my sisters house to see how the designs looked on  Miss J.

What a learning experience, its one thing to design its another to see that they are functional. A couple of designs really didn't work which i am so happy to know, I'd hate to sell something and have the mum get home and not be able to get it over the child's head.

Seeing the designs come to life on my niece was so exciting, as you can see from the photos Miss J was a wonder model.

Needle and thread time....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

So much to do so little time.

Here are a couple more items I've made this week...still so much to be done...and when does the cleaner arrive...oh that's right its me DAMM...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Billycart Markets - Who will be there?

Just checked out Billycart markets Blog, it has been updated with lots of information on who will be selling their beautiful wears at the markets on the 27th March.

Getting exciting now, lots of stock much more to do....the build up to a market is almost as exciting as the actual event...will this sell, will they love it as much as I did when i created it...seeing a child wearing/hugging a creation of yours is always so self for filling...that’s why we do this after all!

you'll notice C Percey Designs and I have also been included in the blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

X marks the sport

Boys Pants now added to the range.
I havent made pants in a very long time and i wasn't sure i would even remember how, but its amazing everything you've ever learnt is in your head somewhere...

In love with lace...

I'm in love with lace...for as long as i can remember i have hated lace...have done everything i could not to touch or sew with the stuff...pure hate and dread...memories of year 11 work experience when i thought a week with bridal wear would be an exciting much lace and beads...arrghhh i remember hating every moment of that week...haven't touched the stuff since...but i've since learn't (its taken 16 years) that lace is my friend and in fact beautiful...

Todays creations.

Dark Blue bonds body suit with floral lace

White Singlet Suit with Lace Dragon Flys

Grey Singlet with Floral Lace

Baby Blue Singlet with Lace Butterfly
All these items are available at Billycart Markets on Saturday 27th March 2010

Off to make some boys pants now...

Monday, March 8, 2010

whats in a logo...

My sister and I are sharing a stall at Billycart markets, sharing a stall means sharing everything...thankfully Christine is a very talented person not just with the hook but also on the computer, she spent alot of time yesterday creating a Logo for us...


Thanks Christine, all your effort is appreciated

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vintage Love

I love all things vintage, yesterday while driving through Broadway in Sydney, i saw this women who looked like she was in her 70's or 80's, she was so beautifully dressed, like she was going to a party...the dress she had on was a 1950's special oh it was beautiful, i wanted to stop the car and take a photo...actually i wanted her dress, every detail was perfect the hair, the broach, the handbag...she grew up in an era when women dressed ever so beautifully...

I've added some links, with more to come, to some of the blogs i regularly read, from beautiful vintage to homes, interiors and home wares I would die to own....i guess that me...vintage, dress wearing, home wear loving women!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

H is For Hamish

With many of my friends children going off to day care and graduating from the babies room to afternoon nap time...a need arose for Day Care Sheets....who said sheets have to be boring and plain...

Angel Wings

This week i embraced my inner angel, the result rompers with wings, I'm in love with the idea of little ones being angels. I toyed with the idea of putting devil tails for your little devil but then realised mums might call them little devils but in reality they are all mummies little angel

Getting on the blog bandwagon

When sarah met liz has been creating baby items for a while now, but very much for friends and family, with the help of my sister over @ I'm starting to market myself better and using all the wonderful online communities.

We'll see how i go with this blog thing!!!