Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finders Keepers Market - Sydney

I am looking forward to checking out finders keepers markets in early May. The last couple of Markets i have visited have been children's markets - always stunning but nothing for me to buy for me.

10 designers have been named so far and they will have up to 80 stalls on the Friday and Saturday of the market, Looking at the caliber of these designers i think i am going to find plenty i want to buy.

The markets are on at the carriage works in Redfern, I've have never ventured down there and super keen to explore!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spoonflower - i am in Love

Never in my life time did i ever think that i could design fabric and get it printed, i have always thought i will have to make do with what i find in the fabric store or online and then i stumbled on spoonflower...well maybe i didn't stumble i read about it on a blog. Today while studying cough cough haha not much of that happening i checked out how easy it is to get your design turned into a piece of fabric - you even get to order a swatch first to make sure your design works...this is insane i can draw a picture or take a photo and have it turned into a piece of fabric...the ideas are to brush up on those drawing skills...might have to suck up to my talented artistic sisters...

This beautiful piece below was added by a Fan on Spoonflower facebook page, its is just stunning...

Fabric by Susan Mentrak - posted on Facebook Spoonflower fan page