Monday, April 5, 2010

Spoonflower - i am in Love

Never in my life time did i ever think that i could design fabric and get it printed, i have always thought i will have to make do with what i find in the fabric store or online and then i stumbled on spoonflower...well maybe i didn't stumble i read about it on a blog. Today while studying cough cough haha not much of that happening i checked out how easy it is to get your design turned into a piece of fabric - you even get to order a swatch first to make sure your design works...this is insane i can draw a picture or take a photo and have it turned into a piece of fabric...the ideas are to brush up on those drawing skills...might have to suck up to my talented artistic sisters...

This beautiful piece below was added by a Fan on Spoonflower facebook page, its is just stunning...

Fabric by Susan Mentrak - posted on Facebook Spoonflower fan page

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  1. I can't make fabric but I like to purchase it :).