Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slack Blogger

I've been a slack blogger of late....

I blame the other job - the day job...but this weekend I'm planning being a good blogger...whats in a name - the when sarah met liz story and also a recap of what we've been up to of late...

See you soon.

BTW Poppyseed markets are on this Sunday - my Sister C Percy Designs will be selling her wares, pop past - this isnt just a kids market something for all of us!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting ready for the June BillyCart Markets

Its that time again, Billycart markets June market is fast approaching, i'm totally disorganised as per usual...have i mentioned i work better under pressure give me too much time to do something and it won't get done, give me 5 minutes and its yours....

Mel from Billycarts did a nice blog post on C percy Designs and I the other day (Yes once again i will be combining with my sister, she'll have her beautiful Skater boys and girls beanies for sale on the day) head over to Mel's blog to have a read and to check out the whose who of Billycart markets June Edition, looks like once again it will be filled with the most beautiful creations.

Now back to the day job...arrh so much to do so little time

Liz x

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To post or not to post...

There has been a lot of talk of late of whether to post picture of our work on Facebook or sell on the internet. Does this make you a target for people stealing your ideas? what makes your idea your own and how to safeguard against people stealing your ideas.

I started out by making gifts for friends - i used the softie book to make many of my first creatures, these were all given as gifts, which thankfully for me was the correct thing to do. I have since read that it is a breach of copy right to sell these items, which i think we all would know. 

(Little red monster on the left is one of the softies i adapted from the softies books made with love for many of my little friends - Jon, Drew, Harrie, James, Max, lennon and Julia)

To sell something it must be your own idea something that you thought of yourself. I am noticing more and more on facebook and madeit that there is a lot of copying going on and this concerns me (hasn't happened to me but i am seeing lots of similar items posted). You go to the effort of designing something then some one copies...but in the modern age this goes with the territory - i guess the people copying will know what they have done - and the reality is the copies are never as good.

So if you see me post something on facebook or made it will be my idea and my design, this is why many of my items are one of a kind (OOAK)

(Miss Molly on the left is my original creation she is a OOAK)

Haha thats a rant! be original your customers will love you for it!

Liz x

BTW - When sarah met liz will be at billycart markets on June 26th come on down and get an orginal handmade or hand embellished item for your beautiful little ones.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finders Keepers Market - Sydney

I am looking forward to checking out finders keepers markets in early May. The last couple of Markets i have visited have been children's markets - always stunning but nothing for me to buy for me.

10 designers have been named so far and they will have up to 80 stalls on the Friday and Saturday of the market, Looking at the caliber of these designers i think i am going to find plenty i want to buy.

The markets are on at the carriage works in Redfern, I've have never ventured down there and super keen to explore!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spoonflower - i am in Love

Never in my life time did i ever think that i could design fabric and get it printed, i have always thought i will have to make do with what i find in the fabric store or online and then i stumbled on spoonflower...well maybe i didn't stumble i read about it on a blog. Today while studying cough cough haha not much of that happening i checked out how easy it is to get your design turned into a piece of fabric - you even get to order a swatch first to make sure your design works...this is insane i can draw a picture or take a photo and have it turned into a piece of fabric...the ideas are to brush up on those drawing skills...might have to suck up to my talented artistic sisters...

This beautiful piece below was added by a Fan on Spoonflower facebook page, its is just stunning...

Fabric by Susan Mentrak - posted on Facebook Spoonflower fan page

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally a Made it stall

I've been meaning to create a Made It stall for months but have never gotten around to it. So today i listed a few of the items i had left from billycart markets yesterday. Its exciting, i am interested to see if things sell via a picture, most things I've sold have been sold in the flesh...its interesting to sell something to someone sight unseen so to speak.

You can check out at items here 

Special thank you to those that came and visited the store, also those that purchased some of my wares, you made my day...especially when i got to try some items on your children, feels so great seeing a little one in my creations.  i had a great time meeting the other creators too. 

If you saw something you liked and didn't purchase send me an emai, happy to create a custom order for you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manny the Monster Menace

All week i have been trying new toy designs, pretty felt dolls and shapes but i hated them all, kept putting each new design aside hoping it was just me and when i looked at them again i would love them bop buw...they sucked...Its a lot of effort to end up hating the end result...drawing, drafting the pattern, cutting out, Hand stitching etc...

On Thursday I chatted to my photography teacher and he was like kids like monsters and blobs...I realised I had put monsters on singlets and bibs but never used that picture to make a toy. 

Today i drafted up the pattern and am well pleased with the results. His kinda like my ghosts, which i love making but the whole white/cream colour worries me...these work way better.

Very happy with the end result...Actually now they are reminding me of the Simpson's Aliens...

And why is Manny a Menace...Mr P has been calling me a menace all week...I cant remember what i did to him to get the nick name but I'm sure i deserved it!!

Have a great saturday night

Liz x