Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manny the Monster Menace

All week i have been trying new toy designs, pretty felt dolls and shapes but i hated them all, kept putting each new design aside hoping it was just me and when i looked at them again i would love them bop buw...they sucked...Its a lot of effort to end up hating the end result...drawing, drafting the pattern, cutting out, Hand stitching etc...

On Thursday I chatted to my photography teacher and he was like kids like monsters and blobs...I realised I had put monsters on singlets and bibs but never used that picture to make a toy. 

Today i drafted up the pattern and am well pleased with the results. His kinda like my ghosts, which i love making but the whole white/cream colour worries me...these work way better.

Very happy with the end result...Actually now they are reminding me of the Simpson's Aliens...

And why is Manny a Menace...Mr P has been calling me a menace all week...I cant remember what i did to him to get the nick name but I'm sure i deserved it!!

Have a great saturday night

Liz x

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