Saturday, March 13, 2010

In love with lace...

I'm in love with lace...for as long as i can remember i have hated lace...have done everything i could not to touch or sew with the stuff...pure hate and dread...memories of year 11 work experience when i thought a week with bridal wear would be an exciting much lace and beads...arrghhh i remember hating every moment of that week...haven't touched the stuff since...but i've since learn't (its taken 16 years) that lace is my friend and in fact beautiful...

Todays creations.

Dark Blue bonds body suit with floral lace

White Singlet Suit with Lace Dragon Flys

Grey Singlet with Floral Lace

Baby Blue Singlet with Lace Butterfly
All these items are available at Billycart Markets on Saturday 27th March 2010

Off to make some boys pants now...

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