Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning from those in the know...

The last couple of days i have been talking to my mummy friends, yesterday i spent a lovely afternoon with an old school friend and her nine month old, i love that my best friends from school are still in my life, i am blessed.  Just chatting with practical mums give the best ideas, CJ and IJ had some great ideas, thanks guys.

Today I took some of my current stock to my sisters house to see how the designs looked on  Miss J.

What a learning experience, its one thing to design its another to see that they are functional. A couple of designs really didn't work which i am so happy to know, I'd hate to sell something and have the mum get home and not be able to get it over the child's head.

Seeing the designs come to life on my niece was so exciting, as you can see from the photos Miss J was a wonder model.

Needle and thread time....

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